Jim’s Urbex Sticker Pack


Jims Urbex Sticker Pack (Australia Only). Get 17 of Jim’s EXTREME Urbex stickers! Some of the stickers may be rare holographic shinies – Gotta catch ’em all, amirite?

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The pack includes:

  • x6 – Jim’s Urbex
  • x2 – Mini Jim’s Urbex
  • x1 – The Urban Explorer Centipede
  • x3 – Mayhem Jim’s Urbex Metal logo
  • x1 – Belly Cave Clan
  • x1 – Get in the Belly Cave Cunt
  • x1 – Jim Halpert
  • x1 – Hail Raatma
  • x1 – C.H.U.D

…and some mystery surprise stickers?

Some are professionally printed and some are DIY, the DIY ones should be able to be stuck outside since I have sprayed them with a gloss finish. This will help fund future sticker printing so CHEERS!!