Hobart Darkie Drain
Hobart Rivulet – Drain, Hobart

The Hobart Darkie, also known as the Hobart Rivulet, is a freshwater river that runs from Mount Wellington to the River Derwent. The City of Hobart was built around the Rivulet as a source of fresh water but later it was piped underground due to flooding. This drain is the best I have explored in Australia and has so many different tunnel features (including lighting through the whole drain). The section in this photo runs under the main CBD shopping centre and the height of the drain is massive.

As the city of Hobart Grew and the Hobart Rivulet was enclosed, so were several historic bridges. This is the historic Wellington Bridge that lies under the main shopping centre in Hobart, in the food court above you can look down into the drain.


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