The Train Graveyard of Port Pirie
by jimsurbex
January 13, 2022

If you are travelling into the old industrial town of Port Pirie (North of Adelaide) chances are you will pass these huge rusting metal hulks. Looming above the arid saltbush and weeds, next to the hum of the electrical substation, you will see four decaying train carriages from a bygone era. Port Pirie once was a bustling town that is home to one of the worlds largest lead smelters, the smelter refines everything that is mined mid-north. The carriages are not far from the railway tracks, so I would guess that they were stored and day and forgotten. The trains are heavily vandalised with graffiti and smashed windows strangely however, there are still remnants of the interiors ( like seats and even torn curtains ). I was walking into one of the carriages thinking to myself how much of a nice home this would make for a serial killer when the next minute a pigeon came flying out of the darkness and scared the shit out of me. Next time you are out that way make sure you stop into the port Pirie train graveyard because is not going anywhere soon.