Sleeps Hill Tunnel Image
The Sleep’s Hill Mushroom & Train Tunnels
by jimsurbex
October 28, 2021

Just as a trigger warning this post talks about heavy subjects such as sexual abuse etc.

The Sleep’s Hill tunnels have a colourful history, originally built as a train tunnel, converted into a mushroom farm and even used to store ammunition and the state archives most valuable items in WW2. When I came across the entrance of the tunnel for the first time, I was confused at why such a large and imposing structure was covered in specific graffiti. The graffiti was referring to it as the “Pedo Tunnels” alongside other phrases like “Kill all pedophiles” and “Fuck Pedos”. After seeing this I knew there must have been more to this story.

Sleeps Hill Tunnel Entrance

The Sleep Hill’s tunnels were built over 100 years ago in 1883 for RX90 steam trains on the Adelaide to Aldgate line. Both tunnels were built 600 meters away from each other, one in Eden Hills and another in Panorama. When trains exited the 290m long tunnel in Panorama they would pass over a large Viaduct, standing about 30 meters above the gulley. The tunnels were dug by hand by men who were paid only 7 shillings per day for their efforts. In 1919 the viaduct couldn’t support the weight of the Heavier locomotives so a third tunnel was built to the east. This new line was much more convenient because it had a dual-track which resulted in the original tunnels being abandoned.

Sleep hill tunnel under construction

Railway Tunnel under construction. – Source

Sleep hill viaduct train

The Adelaide to Melbourne Express crossing railway viaducts at Eden Hills in the Adelaide Hills. – Source

Sleep hill viaduct under construction

Viaduct and tunnel on Hills railway to Nairne in course of construction. The concrete piles for the bridge supports can be seen dug into the hillside. – Source

Sleep hill viaduct under construction 2

Railway bridge near Eden Hills, in course of construction. Sweet Adelaide 424. The 108 foot high viaduct was prefabricated in Delaware, USA at a cost of thirteen thousand pounds and assembled on site in approximately 1882 – Source

The abandoned tunnels became an exploration area for the locals until World War II in the 1940s. Australia became increasingly concerned about Air Raids from Japan so the tunnels were heavily guarded and used for the storage of important items. The 150m tunnel in Eden Hills stored the State Library’s most valuable documents, artefacts and records and the 290m tunnel in Panorama was used to store ammunition.

Railway tunnel in the Adelaide Hills 1910

Railway tunnel in the Adelaide Hills. (Aproximatley 1910) – Source

Old Sleeps Hill railway tunnel, near Eden Hills in January 1961

Old Sleeps Hill railway tunnel, near Eden Hills in January 1961 – Source

The northern end of Sleeps Hill railway tunnel 1992

SLEEPS HILL: The northern end of Sleeps Hill railway tunnel 1992 – Source

Cave clan sleep hills tunnel

The southern end of Sleeps Hill railway tunnel 1991 – Source, Ildraino (the Cave Clan Zine by Doug)

In the 50s-90s, The tunnels were used for a mushroom farm by S.A Mushroom Company. The business had several hurdles getting the mushroom business off the ground, such as a rat plague that completely decimated a crop of mushrooms in 1951. The rats entered the tunnels through a drain and ate the entire crop, managing to avoid all the poison left for them. Claims were made that the tunnels seemed to have a “hoodoo” on them and the first three growers were forced to abandon them due to fungus and diseases. Eventually, S.A Mushroom company grew into an extremely successful business exporting up to 2000 boxes a week. The tunnels were State Heritage-listed in the 90s and are now used by a wine storage business.

sleep hill tunnels rats
cave clan infiltration of the Mushroom tunnel 1991

Infiltration of the Mushroom tunnel 1991 – Source, Ildraino (the Cave Clan Zine by Doug)

Sleeps Hill Tunnel Adelaide 2

After my exploration, the tunnel gave me a creepy vibe that I just couldn’t shake – the gut feeling that something just wasn’t right with this place. After doing some research and talking to some people in the know, I found out some serious allegations had been made about these tunnels by Rachel Vaughn. Rachel is a notorious character around Adelaide, most know for her theory that there is an (unproven) tunnel system under Edwardstown that is used by a network of Pedophiles. This may seem far fetched however, she is the daughter of Allan Maxwell McIntyre, a known pedophile and person of interest in the unsolved “Beaumont Children” abduction.


Allan Maxwell McIntyre in the 70’s

Allan Maxwell McIntyre in the 70’s

Rachel Vaughn and her half brother Andrew McIntyre has a long list of sickening abuse allegations against their father Allan Maxwell McIntyre, you can listen to their full testimony to see what I mean. Their main allegations are that their father ran a high society Pedophile ring that had over 900 members from law enforcement, government, media etc. They abducted over 600 babies and children from the Goodwood orphanage between the 50s-80s to abuse sexually, through satanic rituals and then kill and eat (they were cannibals). Allegedly Allan Maxwell McIntyre was involved with Bevan Spencer von Einem and “the Family Murders”, being the group “body boy” and sourcing their victims. Also, once the children were ritualistically killed their bodies would be dragged through a tunnel system under Cross Road to a butcher, where it would be sold to Satanists as meat.

“I’m not saying I believe Rachel Vaughn, I am merely trying to tell part of her story – I will leave the rest up to you to decide. She is quoted in the video “BOMBSHELL BEAUMONT TESTIMONY SET TO SHOCK THE WORLD!” as saying at (13:40):

“In 1981 when I was approximately 8 years old, I was forced to participate in the mutilation of a little blonde boy who looked to me to be around 6 years old. This occurred in a tunnel system which I believe may be the Sleep’s Hill tunnels on the outskirts of Adelaide”. The Sleep’s Hill tunnels are currently owned by a close relative of Anthony Munroe, who was also a member of the Salvage and Expedition club and a person of interest in the Beaumont Children’s disappearance” – Rachel Vaughn

In the video Rachel then Goes on to say…

Also in the early 1980s I was taken to an Adelaide hills location where (including myself) about 9 other children, as well as about 50 adults were witness to the murder of a baby boy of around 10 Months old. This murder was conducted by a man who I have identified as looking remarkably similar to a former attorney general of South Australia. The baby was handed to this man by a young woman with bright red hair and blue eyes, who was wearing a hooded, floor length green cape. This was the most Horrific of the child murders which I was forced to witness as a child. And I won’t describe the death of this baby as it is too horrific, however, I will say that the death involved fire and prepared this poor little Childs body for consumption by the audience. My father offered some of that poor Baby’s flesh to me that day, but I refused to eat it. He insisted repeatedly that I try the meat because it was important for the group to see I had participated in the ritual. But I refused. – Rachel Vaughn

It is important to remember this is currently all hearsay however, in the 50s – 80s Adelaide was extremely corrupt. At this time Guys like McIntyre and Stanley Hart were all known pedophiles that the cops were in league with. It seems like the police and government are still sweeping these things under the rug. Until recently, accused members of ‘the Family’ still had suppression orders on them, therefore the media wasn’t allowed to mention them by name. It makes you think the coverup could still be ongoing to protect certain people in high places. All I know is that in Sleep Hill’s tunnels, nobody can hear you scream.

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  1. Doug

    Great read.
    I hope the stories aren’t true (thinking about what orphans went through in those days breaks my heart) however pedofile rings were a thing, so who knows?

    It’s one thing I wish we had the death penalty for.

    • jimsurbex

      Cheers mate!

      Yeah I take everything Rachel is saying with a grain of salt, since she also claims that a Butcher shop on Cross road is still selling baby meat to satanists to this day. With the amount of corruption in SA in the 60-80s anything is possible.

  2. Mick


  3. byzey

    such a good read, but also terrifying at the same time. i am 14 and love urbex, especially abandos and drains, and this is the perfect mix. loved the writing aswell, really good suspense. “All i know is that in Sleep Hill’s tunnels, no body can hear you scream.” that line sent shivers down my spine. thank you.

    • jimsurbex

      Thanks heaps! I really need to get around to writing more of these posts

    • Oli

      hey byzey- if youre in adelaide you should hmu and we should go exploring some time- im 15, email me at [email protected] and ill give u me snap if you want

  4. Bob

    Out of all the conspiracies going around this day and age, I feel this story has been censored for reason I can’t work out. Rachel Vaughan said some of her abuse was filmed at a local TV news station for the equipment but this news station also has a popular TV show about reporting on this type of story…. why haven’t they don’t a investigation to prove these accusations. It’s all really concerning. I emailed them asking why they haven’t done a report on it and how that looks lol obviously I heard nothing back. Also her brother helped in court to put a pedo in prison. Why is he a reliable person for that but never believed about his and Rachel’s accusations.

    • Bee

      I’m from Adelaide and trust me . I grew up in Goodwood and it’s just such a dark, twisted, snake pit. The poison runs thick and fast through Adelaide. I believe most of it unfortunately. It doesn’t matter tho because 80 year suppression orders on some suspects still. Look at SA coroner of 30 years. Dare ya!


    May I simply say what a relief to uncover somebody that really understands what theyre discussing over the internet. You certainly know how to bring a problem to light and make it important. More and more people really need to check this out and understand this side of the story. I was surprised that youre not more popular because you certainly have the gift.

  6. William

    Very interesting stuff as I’m from Adelaide myself, how do you find these abandoned places??

    • jimsurbex

      Hey Mate, thanks. It’s mostly just a lot of research

  7. Joel

    I came across the tunnels when I was out on my bike tonight. I knew nothing about them, but if felt such a huge energy when I was there.
    I couldn’t help myself but to look up the history… and oh wow am I blown away.

    Can you still get inside?? As far as I could tell, it was locked up forever (I was at south entrance)

  8. Been There

    The problem is that most people don’t want to believe that these horrendous things happen and that hideous, monstrous “people” do these Satanic brutal rituals and commit incest, breed children for their sick demonic purposes.
    The truth is, it is all true. Adelaide is a global centre of Arch Satanism. It is everywhere in that sinister town. The City of Covens is a better name for Adelaide than it’s popular title of City of Churches.
    Athol Park is a sewer where these predators still associate. They have underground slaughter houses, they meet regularly, they run the methamphetamine scene, they run the prostitution scene all along Grand Junction Road and far beyond. They are connected, they are shameless, they are multi generational and they are evil to the core.
    It needs to be accepted as fact and every day people should be brave enough to see the truth.
    Also, Maralinga fallout maps show the path of fallout crossed North East across the state for a very long time. The population is a test case and it is demented as a result.
    Adelaide is poisoned. The worst things imaginable do happen and will continue for as long as people insist on their brain dead ignorance.
    Rachel Vaughn, if anything is understating her knowledge and experience.
    Believe it.
    People are very very sick.

    • John

      No the only very sick person is you and those like you and all your beliefs

    • Dyl

      Are the tunnels still there

  9. John

    No the death penalty should be fir the likes of you not the pesos, and I’m guessing since this comment is “awaiting moderation” like so many stupid censor mods insist on doing I’ll wait and see if he truly believes in free speech and I see these posted otherwise he’ll prove he’s just like everyone else who’s been brainwashed about the subject of pedos

  10. Brandon

    Thai is a story I have been told a few times and always live in adl and never went I would love to go and have a look just to see how cool it is but a sad story there how did u get your car and bike in there

  11. Rachel Vaughan

    I have done my best to present the evidence I and several other researchers have amassed on the tunnels I was sex trafficked through as a child in Edwardstown in the 1970s and 1980s. I also have more in depth evidence in pdf form if you are interested in perusing it. It can be accessed on a webpage created by a friend, as a dropbox download

    • jimsurbex

      Hi Rachel, thanks for getting in touch and sharing your harrowing story

    • Pablo

      Hello Rachel please fb me Barry white from Adelaide I need to talk to u please asap I have gold chains up on my profile pic ..

    • Richard Dean

      Hi Rachel
      My father was a pathologist in the 1970’s, knew Collin Manock and Ross James well, and did post portems on quite a few murder victims including consulting on the Family murders. Your story was brought to my attention by a friend. Especially hard to comprehend what you went through whilst there was also the Satanic Mania in the USA in the 80’s and 90’s which casts doubt. Justice for all would be a miracle.
      Wondering if there is a way of talking to you about this.

  12. Linda

    An interesting read. Two of the most memorable quotes that I have ever read about Adelaide are: “I live in Adelaide and have never been murdered” and “Adelaide is the satanic pedophile headquarters of the world.”  I have also taken the time to learn more about Rachel Vaughan and Andrew McIntyres horrific childhood cult experiences and fully support their quest for justice.

    Most people would find it difficult to process the level of evil and horror they experienced but they are far from alone. Anyone interested in learning more about the reality of this hideous, worldwide, parallel cult world, I recommend the testimonials presented by the recently launched 50 Voices of Ritual Abuse series:

    Also, visit Max Lowen’s Unbroken website. She is an elite cult survivor whose testimony is so explosive that it could potentially bring the whole filthy system down. Max now works as a trauma therapist and broadcaster who interviews cult survivors:

    Max and Rachel also feature on 50 Voices of Ritual Abuse. They are beacons of light, resilience and hope for all survivors, believed to be in their thousands. Some advocates say millions. Their stories need to be heard and they also need our support and understanding.

  13. Robert Hall

    Thanks Jim for highlighting these important pieces of South Australia’s heritage. Your readers might like to know that the tunnels are now privately owned by a couple who expend large amounts of money and energy trying to prevent damage caused by trespassers and vandals. The main difference between the early photos and the more recent ones is the amount of irreparable damage to these fantastic structures which has occurred in modern times. There will be an opportunity to legally visit the tunnels during the 2024 Fringe Festival so I hope that your readers will take advantage.


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