Bell Lee’s Cave – The Hindley Street Catacombs, Adelaide

Bell Lee’s Cave, the largest part of the Hindley Street Catacombs, is located beneath the bustling Hindley Street. Legend has it that this place is inhabited by the mysterious Adelaide Mole People. Access to the catacombs can be found at various locations, including the Station Arcade and the McDonald’s car park.

Bell Lee’s Cave is shrouded in urban legends, including the belief that it serves as a gateway to Hell and that it is haunted by the ghost of Bell Lee himself, who lends his name to the cave. According to the legend, Bell Lee met his demise in 1890 when he was crushed by a rock fall within the cave. His ghost is said to haunt the cavern to this day, appearing as a morbidly obese figure with a finger permanently lodged in his belly button. It is said that gazing into his eyes will result in instant death.

Despite the eerie tales surrounding Bell Lee’s Cave, it remains a popular destination for those seeking adventure and thrills.


  1. Voula Keselj

    Hi ,Can you please send me a map how to get there im from Melbourne abd find this so interesting would like to visit

  2. Rissole

    Hindley Street Depth

    Firstly, according to the map the Hindley street Catacombs go as far as 2km directly down. And after that is a 150+ metre repel point. And apparently their is a big wall and a gate of some sort at 2km deep. In addition, the Hindley street mole people are actually hiding from the cannibals that live at around 1-2km deep. The cannibals eat the mole people. Their like cannibal tribes. Therefore, I would recommend motorbike armour to go 2km deep under Hindley Street. And also have somebody in the group that is strong and over 110kg in body weight.

    • jimsurbex

      Thank you for sharing these tips for future explorers to the Hindley Street Catacombs. It sounds like you traveled deeper than I have, but all your info seems to line up with the leaked maps that I have.

  3. Kaleb

    I wonder why there are mole people in the Hindley street catacombs


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