Droppies – Drain, Adelaide

Droppies is a huge underpass blasted through a mountain and a favourite painting spot for local street artists. Climbing to the top of this drain you can get a great view of the river that runs through the valley. Be careful because in the 2000’s a graffiti artist fell to his death – giving this location the name “Droppies”


  1. Kellen Drum

    Yo where exactily is this place located, I can’t find any location on the website.

  2. Elliot evans

    Jim’s urbex. Have you been to T.O.D (TUNNEL OF DEATH) very close to droppies, pretty dark and sketchy tunnel goes a long way, happy for you to send an email and i can show you it if you like

  3. sharon anne cremin

    hello jimmy, my name is SHARON-ANNE CREMIN I grew up in the freemason tunnels for 5 years and i have seen and experienced pootrid shit down there my twin sister (identical) died down there she was born with THYLIDAMIDE AND DIED AT THE AGE OFF 81/2. THE FREEMASON PEDOS CHOPPPED HER UP AND FED HER TO MYSELF AND 6 OTHER CHILDREN DOWN THERE IN THE “FRYPAN OFF DEATH”. SO CAN YOU PLEASE EMAIL ME THE SITE OF THIS SO “TUNNEL OFF DEATH” [email protected]

    • Arie

      My Lord I cry for you dear girl may you be healed with love of truth


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